Monday, August 6, 2007

Hello Kitty is Police Punishment

Acting badly while being on the police force in Malaysia these days carries the penalty of a Hello Kitty armband. The scorching pink giant headed Hello Kitty is used as the Thai version of the scarlet letter. Leave your car running, mouth off to the citizenry, forget to park in the right place are some of the errors and judgment that get your manly muscular bicep branded with the Hello Kitty armband. Shaming done with a young girl's comic icon, is sexist and lazy management demonstrating the limits of their professional abilities.
What happened to a pay penance or the worst shift in the worst places. Nope, its come down to Hello Kitty is the worst tool in the performance management repertoire of the Thai police they could imagine. It should catch on.

Warner Brother's horribly embarrassing new rendering of a robotic Bugs Bunny just might do it for LAPD. Especially for things like the "May Day Melee", where Telemundo anchors were run over by Los Angeles riot police searching for a few rock throwers. A few commanders "retired early" or have been reassigned to the dungeons - meaning somethng like the traffic pool. The new LAPD command are now film producers where they must film what their police officers are doing in tense situations. There's another fine solution that models the Hello Kitty shame of our neighbors across the Pacific Pond.

Hello Kitty has a reputation as the Zen Cat. There are an abundance of Hello Kitty books, comics and collectibles. Hello Kitty is highly collectible and recognizable brand worldwide. Just ask a Thai police officer.

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Ami Angelwings said...


I'd be bad just to get one of those! :D

But it's stupid that's it's "punishment" :(