Saturday, August 4, 2007

China Demands Bhuddas Apply for Reincarnation

That is not satire. China's bureaucratic ham-fisted attempt to 'manage' the choice of the next Dalai Lama by regulating who is the potential successor by requiring a formal application for reincarnation, opens the communist country up for ridicule. In 1995, His Holiness named the Panchen Lama and the six year old promptly vanished from public view under Chinese detention. Meanwhile, China has put on a publicity campaign of sorts for their choice for the Panchen Lama to step into the role of Dalai (Great Ocean of Wisdom) Lama (Spiritual Master). China is formalizing a nefarious role in selecting the Dalai Lama or stating one can not be found.

China's nerves are a bit overworked as they have set a deadline for applications for September 1, 2007. Arrests by jittery Chinese armed police, Wu Jing, for about two hundred Tibetans occurred after a speaker praised the Dalai Lama at a horse festival. Tibet continues to fight against the 1951 takeover by China. The Four Noble Truths continue to hold the tenets of Buddhism for Believers. China is again using governmental authoritarianism as an instrument to disrupt religion to gain control over the population. That hasn't worked since the 12th century.

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