Sunday, August 5, 2007

Israel's Celebrity Draft Dodgers

Israel is equal opportunity when it comes to serving in the Israeli military, the IDF. Every gal or guy Israeli citizen must wear the fatigues and complete military training regardless of background and economic circumstances. The nation depends on it.

Lately, more than a few of Israel's most well known celeb citizens have opted out. The Minister of Defense and former prime minister, Ehud Barak says no more. Israel's knock-off of American Idol, Pop Idol, has contestants who have not met their military obligations, but they can sing - sort of. In Israel serving is compulsory, except when you are Leonardo di Caprio's supermodel girlfriend, or your playing world class soccer or you suddenly diagnose yourself mentally ill.

Many Americans with dual citizenship in America and Israel, have served in the IDF and completed their reserve duties.Michael Oren is an acclaimed author and IDF officer with dual citizenship who wrote a history of the 1967 war titled, Six Days of War: June 1967.

Another book Company C: An American's Life as a Citizen Soldier by Haim Watzman is now out in paperback.

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