Thursday, August 9, 2007

Male Panda is Mom of Twins

Chinese scientists received a double shocker that a panda thought to be male turned out to be a very pregnant female and drum roll please, delivers twin girl cubs. Scientists under direct questioning offer up a scientific excuse for the embarrassing gender mix up, it was a "size" issue and they can not be blamed for missing the smallish obvious. This explanation was after repositioning surgery in 2005. So imagine the shocked announcement, twins!

The surprise was even more spectacular with the records showing attempts in 2000 to have Jinzhu mate with a female panda. With a lack of success, the scientist tried artificial insemination. The most important thing is all three are now doing well.

A children's book about a panda caught in an environmental disaster of losing her habitat is Panda Packs Her Bags by an author from Singapore, Shamini Flint. From the Smithsonian Institute comes My Panda Book.

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