Sunday, February 8, 2009

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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Darwin Invited to Church

Charles Darwin turns some people of faith into an evolutionary guide from humble worshipers to frothing at the mouth illogical ranters.  It is a sight to be hold and the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life studied the Darwin phenomenon.  Now many Churches are gathering in England to have a rational discussion on Darwin's thought leadership.  Be ever mindful that Darwin has creationist Islamic critics of natural selection as well. Enter Turkey's contribution, Harun Yahya.  It is interesting that the famed abolitionist and naturalist's birthday is the same as the 16th president of the United States born ina log cabin.  this religious confab in Oxford, England is a birthday celebration of sorts with 150 years having sped by since one of Darwin's seminal works, Origin of Species, hit the nineteenth century book world.

Science and religion have been combatants in every single arena. Science relies on the observable and proof of concept.  The fact that evolution remains a "theory" gave many a small opening to create such laughable oxymoronic constructs as intelligent design.  It took the Catholic Church 400 years to mumble out an apology to Galileo about the earth's orbit.  Darwin is now the central organizing theme for the Church to explore and appreciate a Darwinian perspective.  Lots of popcorn and lay off the salt, many people's blood pressure will rise just at the thought of this symposium.  Churches involved in this want to prove they are not strict members of the flat earth society, but more enlightened and willing to embrace discussion of Darwin's scientific genius. 

Reverend Tim Stead said: "It impacts on our entire understanding of the world."

"One of our aims in holding this conference is to go some way towards redressing the impression that some of the general public have that Christians are anti-science and anti-Darwin."

"This is a chance to set the record straight and to explore how it is possible for faith to sit alongside Darwin's views," he said.
The Church of England is figuring out how to put Darwin on thier official website after some less than flattering remarks through the decades form thier eminent leaders.  Unrepenatant atheists use Darwin as propaganda to promote their agenda that believers are deluded.  It doesn't help that literal-minded Creationists stubbornly stick to the mantra of the earth only being 6,000 years old.  Darwin considered himself agnostic after the soul destroying loss of his daughter Annie followed by another son lost to scarlet fever.

Charles Darwin was a prodigious writer of scholarly journals and a multitude of snail mail.  Few authors can claim that they have four books that are epics and mark epochs in scientific thought.  Here in one volume are the four stellar works of Darwin in From so Simple A Beginning: Darins Four Great Books: Voyage of the Beagle, The Origin of Species, the Descent of Man and The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animals.