Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 2, 1939 A Historic Day

Two events on that specific date make it possible for you to read this. Neither, in my mind, is more important than the other.

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, catapulting America into action warding off stockpiling of uranium by enemies of the state. Uranium was and is critical to the making of a nuclear device, especially a bomb. Albert Einstein, at the behest of other scientists and scholars made it clear that uranium was the active ingredient to set off a chain reaction. They were using the fabled formula E=mc2.

Einstein writing that letter is credited with pushing the USA to work speedily via the Manhattan Project to beat the Germans and others working on an Atom Bomb in secret. Einstein came to regret that letter, not because of America's actions, but because it set off the arms race of the nuclear age. He was a committed pacifist, suspected by his adopted country; America, and wanted no parts on working on weapons of mass destruction.

The second event that happened that day was the birth of my mom. It is her birthday. I wish her much love, peace and happiness in the years ahead. She works hard, gives of herself and makes life better for others in all the great ways she knows how. I am glad she is my Mom. I love her very much and thank her for all of her sacrifices and things she has done in a life well lived. Happiest of Birthdays, Beloved Mom!

There are no books about my Mom, but there should be. To me, both are fascinating people. Mom's hair is white, but under control. Einstein, ever the gracious definition of a totally warped space time continuum bad hair day.

There are books on Albert on the wide range of his life and his interests. Einstein is captured in a lively biography dedicated to his years in Berlin by Thomas Levenson entitled, Einstein in Berlin. Denis Brian offers a lifetime review with Einstein: A Life.

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