Thursday, August 2, 2007

Climate Change & Global Warming

Intense forest fires in Siberia that range mile after mile, (or kilometer after kilometer), increase the effects of Global Warming contributing to Earth's Climate Change; creating droughts and destroying ecosystems. The indefensible non Kyoto-signing US leads in carbon emissions, creating more global warming. Asia has brown clouds casting a fetid pall over the Earth as the clouds roam about all of our skies. Underdeveloped countries trying to catch up or get their slice of the economic pie, throw their share of pollution into the atmosphere. No one is blameless and everyone suffers from the effects of Climate Change caused by Global Warming.

The UN is trying to synthesize a plan of action everyone can agree upon. That is a Herculean task. Action devolves into an international version of one of the committees on committees needs 13 forms of approval to discuss the following items before they can make a pre-agenda. Each nation, continent or kingdom is trying to come up with plans. Bureaucracy, blame and protectionism are powerful gatekeepers from getting to the hard work of making appreciable differences fast enough to make necessary changes before the devastation caused by Global Warming can be off set by our collective affirmative actions.

The question is who is the global leader that will make a difference, now.

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