Thursday, August 16, 2007

Al Jazeera Forges Ahead Gaining Fans

Al Jazeera's English home/front page is quietly captivating with a variety of coverage missing in other news sites. Its interesting with a real international flavor. News stories are covered in depth and with reporters who might shock some in the western world. Usually younger or hip viewers catch Al Jazeera on YouTube because its a high quality broadcast.

US cable services are skittish in offering the programming, based in large part on propaganda espoused from the administration when Al Jazeera questioned American leadership. But Al Jazeera is front and center in the Pentagon, providing valuable sources of information about the entire globe from many viewpoints, including but not singularly an Arab perspective.

Outstanding in-depth coverage of the plight of Asian laborers working in the Gulf highlight's Al Jazeera's investigative journalism. The program called "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is devastating in its scope and profiling individuals choosing suicide because of financial obligations owed to their recruiters. The amount of exclusive access afforded the journalist is stunning. Check your local listings for the program - the links lists viewing times in August.

Nigel Parsons, Managing Director of Al Jazeera, is making the business case for inclusion in programming offerings. Al Jazeera's chief makes a special point to reassure cable officials in Singapore about their positive journalistic ethics.

A former American Marine is now a reporter for Al Jazeera. Josh has written an excellent riveting insider's book, Mission Al Jazeera: Build A Bridge Seek the Truth, Change the World; detailing his time as soldier and the amazing freedom he now has a reporter for Al Jazeera. People all over the world are noticing:
Josh Rushing was a member of the US marine corps who acted for 14 years as a media liaison officer who crossed over to the other side. His "conversion" began when he was assigned, at the outbreak of the invasion of Iraq in 2003, to the Doha command centre. His first surprise was to discover that Al Jazeera "was a real news organisation and not a front company for anti-American propaganda,."

Josh was the truth teller in Control Room - a rare movie about the media's failures in covering the Iraq War.

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