Monday, August 13, 2007

Bush's Creepy Aide Exits White House

Everyone has an experience working in a toxic environment with people who make going to work feel like a ten ton weight is crushing their optimism and spirit. The cause of that is the same as if you work in a palace or a post office.

Leaders that cultivate and reward bad behavior do not create productive or effective workplaces. Incompetence runs rampant when the boss plays favorites or listens to one opinion. Trust is broken and the organization fails to win overall approval or enact programs or legislation necessary because a majority refuses to work with corrupted and co-opted individuals. It happens a lot in every organization, but it is embarrassing and enraging when it is blatant in side the United States White House. It is proof positive that the leader of the institution is a failure. It breeds incompetence.

Karl Rove is the quintessential definition of a poor team player, relying on his status as the boss's favorite. Nevermind that the president's own father fired Karl Rove more than a decade ago for leaking to Robert Novak classified and sensitive information. Past performance is indicative of future results. Once again, Karl Rove treasonously leaked code word classified data of a covert spy's identity to, ta da, Robert Novak. Karl Rove was part and parcel of Bush's failure as a president, but his claim to eternal fame and flames is getting the most incompetent president ever and failed leader installed as president of the United States. What a terrible legacy he leaves as "Bush's Brain".

Lee Atwater confessed on his death bed to his bad behavior and vile tactics in the book Bad Boys. Roger Ailes of Fox News was a mentor of his. Fox has been the propaganda organ of use by this administration. Haldeman wrote The Haldeman Diaries becoming a memoir cheaply trading in the banalities of daily evil in the Nixon White House after his death.

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