Wednesday, August 1, 2007

BP Approved to Dump Mercury in Lake Michigan

Mercury in fish is a terrible thing for the fish and for the unwary hungry eater. Government approval to allow a British oil corporation to continue to pollute one of the world's largest fresh water lakes is a tragically flawed and a morosely ironic environmental debacle. To allow one state, Indiana, to make a decision(override objections) that affects adjoining states on Lake Michigan and Canada is the height of hypocrisy for those dedicated to restoring Lake Michigan's environment and preserving its ecosystem.

Clean drinking water comes from the Lake Michigan for the residents of Chicago. The EPA, known for life-threatening falsehoods about air quality at 9/11's Ground Zero, issued a date of 2012 before British Petroleum (BP), the corporation, must meet federal standards. Gee, thanks. Water is becoming more vital and the USA has one of the world's largest supplies of fresh water, if preserved and protected from exploitation.

My childhood was spent growing up right on the shores of Lake Michigan, which makes it personal. Already suffering from a drought, low water levels, pollution and species of fish not indigenous to the area, BP is adding mercury and other harmful pollutants. The corporate lackeys claim the amounts would dissipate in the water. Congress has their phones ringing off the hook about this absurd decision by the state of Indiana - that has its own issue with an absurd number of imperiled water sources due to pollution, and they should receive more, a lot more. Michigan in protecting its own bottled water industry received a waiver from the Great Lakes Water Compact signed by eight governors of surrounding states.

To learn more about the Great Lakes and the escalating water wars, read the incredible book outlining what and why this is happening with the inability to craft solutions that do not economically cripple their own areas - but it will hurt someone else's. The book is aptly titled, The Great Lake Water Wars by Peter Annin.

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