Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Water & Rat Woes in China

Floods and landslides areas are recording deaths in the hundreds and damage in the billions. From massive flooding to a migration of two billion rats, yes with a b, through central China's water system are making headlines. The rats gnawed and chewed their way through dikes and flood control systems to reach higher ground. Farmers are dismayed at the crop destruction and the sheer numbers.

A half billion people evacuated the projected path of China's swollen Huaihe River before it overruns its banks. This rainy season is in southern provinces is displacing people and causing strain on the flood control system. It has been slow to react to pending disaster.

Meanwhile under investigation is 'fake' water' bottled and stored, after being sold as fresh. It is causing renewed health concerns as the search for the origins of the water continues. The lack of oversight has permeated food, pet food and now China's bottled water market.

China's population is still growing and will require fresh clean water to sustain the people and the food required for such a large population. Yet, China's infrastructure or the integrity of the systems are not growing to meet the future needs. Overwhelming is the thought. China has a storied history of engineering and innovations and that spirit is needed now more than ever.

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Black & White said...

Water is going to be the next "oil" war. Not only are the polar ice capes going to be battle grounds, but any large body of fresh water is going to become very important. Too bad China has not found that out yet. Anyway they might be to busy with the rat poblem.