Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Is Al Qaeda Bush's Beetlejuice?

The way the curse works is you have to say it three times to summon the Evil. It doesn't matter whether it is spoken softly, stated harshly or yelled loudly. President Bush summons the al Qaeda/Beetlejuice boogeyman with every ounce of his verbal capacity at every opportunity.

Bush does his "Beetlejuice" thing like clockwork - Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda, Al Qaeda. BOO!

Al Qaeda is everywhere in Iraq, nowhere to be captured in Afghanistan, but has a forwarding address in Pakistan. The 9/11 Commission reported no link between Iraq and 9/11 terrorism, but the most uninformed president of the United States keeps trying to make a lie the truth. Ugh! Lemmings who believe that 9/11 and Iraq are linked watch the befuddled Fox News where accuracy is not as high on the list as "fair and balanced".

The 9/11 Commission even put out a report in book form with recommendations that remain credenzaware six years after 9/11.

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