Monday, July 30, 2007

Monsoon Misery: Millions Flee in Southeast Asia

Torrential rains and downpours are creating massive flooding chasing millions from their homes as they seek shelter atop bridges or available rooftops on higher ground. Over 100 people have lost their lives in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

"The floods situation has turned worse overnight," Bhumidhar Burman, a minister in Assam in India's northeast, said. "We have stepped up our relief measures on a war footing."

Officials in neighboring Bangladesh said half a million people were stranded in their homes while tens of thousands had found shelter in close to 100 relief camps.

It has the makings of a large scale humanitarian crisis with residents in Bihar worrying about outbreaks of disease. Animals are seeking higher ground, often the same ground as the area's citizens. The military is treating this as a war zone and relief effort as the plights of its citizens grow worse by hour. Southeast Asia and China are experiencing flooding over a continued period of time moving large sections of the population. Elsewhere, the power is out. School continues as Indian children take exams by candlelight.

Mounting evidence shows the effects of Climate Change on Earth. The book, The Winds of Change: Climate Weather and the Destruction of Civilization by Eugene Linden is prescient with empirical evidence as it reviews the devastating effects of America's weather patterns with an eye towards extrapolation for global policy. Humanitarian resources are stretched to breaking and the season is not yet over.

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