Sunday, July 29, 2007

Food & Pills - The New Enemy Combatants?

Wash down tainted food after popping a few potentially perilous prescription pills plus a lot of liquor and voilà!, a triple threat to the Quality of Life. Unfortunately, many governments around the world are suffering chagrin and security issues as food, pills and even water come under suspicion. Governments are the regulators and the enforcers. Enter the corporations. In America, corporations are considered people too.

A diabetic in Ireland, a bottled water drinker in China, a spinach eater in America have new trust in government issues. Meanwhile Sara Lee, an American conglomerate is voluntarily recalling its whole wheat bread. Another American entity (GSK) dispensed pills for diabetics via its subsidiary in Europe and Australia which is cause for palpitations over whether heart health after taking the pills is affected. The real question becomes why did the American Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve the drugs without all of the facts.

How corporations expand a market (their strategy) is part of the issue. Pepsi, the global soft drink giant, now acknowledges Aquafina's bottled water is straight from the tap, otherwise known as a PWS - public water source, but priced as if it came from an exclusive mountain spring. There are only so many of those springs to go around for the global $11,000,000,000 bottled water industry.

A few years ago, David Kessler M.D., former FDA Commissioner, wrote a compelling inside story of how the FDA worked. This book, A Question of Intent, focused on tobacco but had a chilling story of how food fights were settled - down to what McDonald's had to list in its new requirements because it needed Oval Office approval before the final decision. Detailed, fascinating insight from the former pediatrician.

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