Sunday, July 22, 2007

So Far, 110th Congress is a Failure

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The 110th Congress is setting itself up for utter humiliation. The ungodly War in Iraq has not ended, though lame Republicans continue to support the death and destruction prevalent in Iraq. Republican cognitive dissonance is so bad they speak with forked tongues about ending the war and always vote with the failed policies of George W. Bush, endangering us all. Republicans have done their version of reading The Pet Goat, like their mentor George Bush did while the World Trade Center Towers were being attacked. Republicans voted against decency, the Rule of Law and the Constitution so many times displaying no honor, just shame in being obstructionist and enabling the tyranny of the Cheney/Bush administration.

Meanwhile a fair few Democrats abandoned accountability and the Rule of Law to fund and enable the Iraq Debacle, the Military Commission Act and a host of other egregious sins against The Constitution. Many were willing to give Congress a bit of time to get its sea legs and they decided the ship should stay tied to the shoreline where the risks of capsizing are negligible. A Democratic Congress given the reins of power chose milquetoast strokes, rather than strong independent stances on Principle, then greased their moderate blue dog bottoms to slide on one of the steepest giant spill rides to the bottom of the polls, ever. They chose to capitulate, not agitate, as Frederick Douglass, as the Republican freed slave advocated.

This has led to a rift and a lack of a singular voice to lead the 110th Congress. The people are far ahead of this placid Congress that enabled and lashed itself to the Moby Dick of the 21st Century, George Bush. Senator Feingold trills and tinkles on Meet the Press this morning to reintroduce the bold non-legal, non-binding Censure which does nothing to uphold the Rule of Law or culminate in an Impeachment inquiry. Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Impeachment is off the table because they were working on other things, like a pay raise for minimum wage earners and themselves. There are over 3600 dead Americans and 650,000 dead Iraqi's, abuses of power in Iraq and America and this was the best they could do?

The supposedly moderate members of a Bush poodle-coiffed Congress believed America was with them - the polls show a whopping No on that. Americans are on the side of getting out of Iraq, holding up the Constitution and the Rule of Law. We have an Amber Alert out on Congress - where can they be?

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