Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Harry Potter - One Last Time

I am anticipating Friday night at the stroke of twelve with the fervor of a four year old. It will be fun to see small magical kids and 7th year adults, all overexcited in their Hogwarts costumes and drunk on Pumpkin Juice served up legally at the local bookstore. It is a publishing bonanza never seen before and odds are low on it ever being repeated, though it is wonderful to have an opportunity to try.

I was astonishingly late to the Harry Potter phenomenon. My opportunity through family and friends was enormous to get with it early. As the bibliophile, I bought sets for family. I bought the paperbacks for a little boy who already had a set. The extra set, virginal in its plastic, sat there amidst royalty with Queen Noor and His Holiness the Dalai Lama or buried by exalted historians Adam Hochschild, Nell Painter, Louis Menand, Tocqueville and David McCoullough. I excavated them by accident when a stack fell over and multi-colored spines caught my attention. I said why not, my elitism could stand to see what the fuss was all about.

Jo Rowlings hooked me. In record time, I finished the now precious set which only went up to Goblet and rushed out immediately to find Order of the Phoenix in hardback. I am a confirmed adult Potter-aholic who has had the most amazing discussions - out and out fights online and off on whether Snape was Good or Evil with kids and amazingly, adults - grocery clerks, lawyers, the tire guy, MBAs, doctors, stylists, CEOs, IT professionals, executive assistants, and the gardener. Now this Umbridge- inspired ignoramus from the Ministry of Propaganda is lamenting our lack of tasteful reading - Bah humbug!
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