Thursday, July 5, 2007

Illegal Eavesdropping is Everywhere, Oh My!

George Bush has company. Illegal eavesdropping is the new IT thing and folks, its bi-partisan. Yippee... Since the president announced his illegal wiretapping out of national security concerns, a Hillary Clinton strategist may have done his out of professional concerns. There is some dispute as to the owner of the crackberry's content. And in both cases the courts get to decide - well, sorta. President Bush decided the FISA Courts were not equipped to handle his and that battle rages on.

For wiretapping and illegal eavesdropping aficionados, there really is only one guy who nails the scope of the issue. James Bamford wrote the definitive book on America's technology infrastructure of electronic spying more than two decades ago. Puzzle Palace still stands as a must read primer for those seeking its history. Bamford followed up with Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra Secret National Security Agency from the Cold War to the Dawn of a New Century available in paperback.

But if you really want to be scared spitless about how little privacy you have, read this.

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