Friday, July 6, 2007

Secret Memo Leaked

Executive sits in corner or oval office contemplating the effects of a universal campaign that could have devastating effects on history and the bottom line. Decides to pre-empt the enemy and outline his thinking on modern stone tablets for his select inner circle. The outcome just writes itself. Memo sent directly to the person most responsible for executive woes...

Um, how many business people have to learn the cruelest way possible from personal experience that explosive tapes and memos are words best left unsaid and unwritten.

Who knew execs were paid to write movie reviews? The company paid 10 bucks for VP to assess this movie, then make an action plan that accidentally included priceless PR for the other guy. Insert laughter! How much advance notice did they have this was coming out? My goodness, our inept government announced the trip to Cuba should be investigated. The media is all atwitter that a celebrity director (put celebrity in front of anything - guaranteed saturation media coverage) was premiering it all over the nation.

It's official, the health care industry confirms in writing, it is SiCKO!

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