Monday, July 9, 2007

Marrying Books & News

Current events fascinate me. Not the Paris Hilton and Tinkerbelle dined at the Ivy type of breaking news, but something that matters. Budgets and underdeveloped bottomlines ushered in a gold rush era of news-for-profit, to our detriment and unfaithfulness to the brands.

My definition of real news is what is needed to make life better or a real difference in another's life. Comfort the Afflicted and Afflict the Comfortable is an adage that retains its classic luster. TV news is fast moving, requires pictures, often lacks context with commentary at the depth of a teaspoon. Into the information void marches words, at least 60,000 strong, heralding inspiration, insight, knowledge or fodder for the fireplace. Reading a book is a commitment. I love all types of books, but my heart holds a special fondness for nonfiction.

For me, blogging is an enterprise to wed the news of the day/hour/minute with books that entrance, infuriate or enlighten as I discover in a trusted book more than the news could ever speedily dish between interfering ads. Mind Sorbet is the synergy of wants and wishes to marry nonfiction books and bits and bytes of information for discussion.

It is no wonder that many reporters produce books on subjects that were pared for space and/or time. The Good News is they are now discovering the power of pixel dust. It seems surprising given that many fine books come sans pictures.

I want more books on interesting topics spawned by media efforts. My goal is to Link to news and related books, building a body of knowledge across media platforms. C-SPAN does it, but on the weekends the two live separately with Book TV and in-depth (uninterrupted) discussion on issues of the day separated.

I look forward to doing it here with humor, sarcasm and a healthy dose of realism. With all my worldly Mind Sorbet, I thee endow...

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