Sunday, July 15, 2007

Iraq: Bush's Titanic Disaster

In the face of insurmountable evidence, George W. Bush refuses to accept reality on the latest Babylon Civil War. He repeats his mantra; Iraq is winnable, if we stay the course, if we give the military more time and until I decide what to do next.

Egads!, that's the problem right there, a complete over reliance on the US military while misusing their military skills as Iraqi law enforcement. The contention and ideal of staying the course with each new version of his Iraq Debacle policies shames an already tarnished and diminished president, forever eliminating him as a world leader worth hearing.

Surge Iraq 2.0 is under review, too bad it is not a peer review by a responsible co-equal branch of government. Republicans have been obstructionist by saying one thing and voting another in righting the ship of state. No wonder Bush gets to keep extending his drippy stay at Camp Delusional. The 2007 Surge is taking heavy verbal artillery fire from Democrats and a few tough sounding Republicans. Bush's shriveled hopes rely on a September report from General Petraeus that he hopes to trumpet from every minaret that he can make Iraq work out, until he is finally out of America's White House .

Meanwhile, Iraq's Prime Minister Maliki says America can exit stage right at anytime.

A decorated veteran member of the 101st Airborne gave a rebuttal to Bush's Iraq happy talk on the radio Saturday. Brandon Friedman will release the book, The War I Always Wanted by Zenith Press in August of 2007.

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