Sunday, July 8, 2007

Live Earth: Blending Climate Change & Music

Al Gore, Earth's prize winning champion, tried to enlist 2 billion people in a heated campaign to save Earth from the evils of Global Warming. Big Al's SOS campaign has a pledge of reducing C02 and living a carbon neutral life. Wonderfully balanced at both the New Jersey Meadowlands and DC venue, was Earth's heavyweight hero, Al Gore.

Who took the pledge to reduce C02 emissions and live a carbon neutral Life? Here's how!
Then each of us needs to SHOUT or sing:

Melissa Etheridge brought the crowds to thunderous ovations at the venue, in words around the blogosphere, clapping at home while watching on NBC's cable feeds to CNBC and Bravo and on satellite radio. She flat out rocked the house with the Oscar-winning song from An Inconvenient Truth. Singing Mercy Me; Alisha Keys in hot pink, also unveiled her latest release in NYC, while high heeled rocker Joss Stone brought the house down. From Johoburg to Wembley Stadium where Madonna transfixed the crowd, it was musical magic. In a wildly enthusiastic Rio de Janiero, I really heart Guilherme Arantes for singing about the water!

No one can speak or write about An Inconvenient Truth like Al Gore, but many can sing!

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