Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bill Clinton Has a Book on The Way

Bill and Hillary have been quite busy lately. In the midst of Hillary's presidential campaign comes an announcement of Bill's book, GIVING by Knopf which published his book My Life. Timing is everything!

Clinton, who recently hit the campaign trial on behalf of his wife, Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Hillary Clinton, plans a U.S. tour to promote the book, the publisher said.

Clinton, who was elected U.S. president in 1992 and served two terms, lately has spent time building up his charitable Clinton Foundation, which works to address global health, poverty, environmental and economic concerns.

"I've done my best in this book to demonstrate what I've seen firsthand through my foundation's work in Africa and around the world," Clinton said in a statement.

Hillary and Bill are modifying the African proverb, It Takes A Village to It Takes a Clinton Village to run for president and be a shining star in the publishing world too. Some guy, named Barack Obama understands the melding of publishing and the political, too.

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