Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fashion at the Emmy Awards

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2007 below...

Project Runway's Heidi Klum wearing haute couture at its best! Formal and stunning.
Made it WORK! Dior, of course.

Lots of short dresses, plain gray silk ties and bling is out in force.OJ is picking between stripes or orange at this very second.
Our first red carpet fashion mishap. Looks like last years Grecian theme redux for this year. Sorry Kimora. Go without the shoulder look for a necklace that big.

Eva La Rue took a payoff. Deborah Messig joined her expecting no return. She's usually picture perfect!

Working the red carpet with elan and elegance! The ever glitzy Eva Longoria, the new Mrs Tony Duncan. It all works. Give your stylist a raise!

Oh, Yeah!!! Sendil Ramaurthy Works for me! And the lovely Jennifer Love Hewitt in always fashionable black.

America Ferrera in a bold cerulean with h o r i z o n t a l draped detailing. An Emmy will look great against the blue backdrop. Go Ugly Betty!!! Um, Hayden Panettiere at least has great hair... Kyra Sedgwick closed the fashion deal with Oscar de la Renta!

The ladies in red... first the chic towel wrap on Ali Larter, followed by Stacy London in a short wrap with chips on the hip and a beautiful mom to be displaying every curve, Constance Zimmer.

Kristin Bell looks spectacular in a pristine draped periwinkle. Minnie Driver has the clutch in with the cut on the bias yellow/gold number. Cleopatra gone beady wrong with a bad earing choice too from Marcia Cross. Baby bump for a retro glam Christina Aguilera?

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UPDATE 12 31 2007: I have noticed a ton of readers from these images in Google. That is wonderful. Depending on the WGA writer's strike, look for my fashion recaps from the SAG, DGA, Golden Globes and Oscars! Welcome. Click the fashion label below the posts.

UPDATE 1 17 08: More Fashion at Farewell to Valentino

Grammy Fashion!

Click HERE for the 2008 Oscars on 2/24 or just click the fashion label/tag

The 2008 Emmy Award pictures will go up on September 21, 2008. These are 2007.

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