Sunday, February 24, 2008

Oscar 2008 Glitz & Glam Fashion Fest

After much nail biting among fans, a horde of therapy sessions for stressed out stars and a six month strike from the folks that make Hollywood films seem brilliant or stupid, chiefly writers, the 80th annual Oscars are ON! (photos from Reuters)
Queen Helen Mirren trailed by dull Cameron Diaz in Dior, a Chanel late Penelope Cruz and sexy Hillary Swank in Versace
Welcome to the most famous Red Carpet in the world and my take on who wore what by design and mistake at the 2008 Oscars:


Red is a color Anne Hathaway, Hollywood Princess styled to perfection. #1

Heidi Klum fashionista extraordinaire in John Galliano with intricate up-do. Ruby DEE!!!
Katherine H in Escada, the Dwayne Johnson and some lady's hat that had to come from a vintage British milliner where they have occasion for these things.

Really, you shouldn't have, honest! Second INFORMED opinions would've been truly worth IT... In Black Tilda Swinton. Julie Christie was dressed by a blind stylist.

Diablo Cody is Juno's GREAT writer...
Daniel Day Lewis and the wonderful rosy world of Viggio Mortenson.

Hairspray's John Travolta and the blazing beautiful yellow silk worn by Kelly Preston. A debonair perfectly coiffed & filled with mischief leading man, George Clooney with a florally beaded detail gal pal.

Blandly exciting in a droll way...
Kristin Chenoweth to the Oscars, Amy Ryan in Calvin Klein & polka dots Melora Hardin

And the Under Aged crowd: Saoirse Ronan dreamy and under 15 in Isle of Eire Green Atonement and Mylie Cyrus in Valentino signature Red.

A couple A couple of colors dominated the red carpet - dramatic black and vivacious red with exquisite feathers or theatrical trains stunning and vying for best of the night!

The Russells - may not be related or dressed by the same stylist: Keri the younger in a blah white and the 1940's famous bra lady Jane Russell in something I can't quite figure out.

Glamming up Basic black or pure white with ruffles and truffles and mermaid detailing. Strike the pose....

Juno's Jennifer Garner & La Vie En Rose's Maria Cotillard in John Paul Gaultier & a ho hum Laura Linney plus an east west boob problem for two time awful Oscar dress, Jennifer Hudson.

Mom's to-be fashion worthy: the Gorgeous Jessica Alba wearing one of my faves of the night by Marchesa. Her hair was a crowning coronet.

The quintessentially great actress in a dumpy dress, Cate Blanchette. Nicole Kidman was much more restrained plastered her front in operatic diamond necklace.

Fashionistas can find more at the Fashion label. Here are some of my faves on fashion in my art form of choice, the book.

The austere and elegant judge from fave Project Runway, Nina Garcia, The Little Black Book of Style.

Dishy & glam secrets contained in All You Need to be Impossibly French: A Witty Investigation into the Lives, Lusts, and Little Secrets of French Women, is très chic in outlining the god, the bad and the catty.

One of my favorite fashion houses captured in words and illustrations, Chanel: Collections and Creations, by a meticulous Danielle Bott.

The End of Fashion: How Marketing Changed The Clothing Business Forever is one of those books that highlights and illuminates the fashion industry and how its practices led to the marketing shows on the red carpet today. Terry Agins knows her stuff and struts it on each page.

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