Monday, September 3, 2007

Cat 5 Hurricane Felix headed to Honduras & Belize

The warm waters of the Caribbean hosts its second Category 5 Hurricane in two weeks. Hurricane Felix is already at the top of the Saffir-Simpson Scale as a 5 with nothing to do, but replenish itself and soak up the heat from the water. A dangerous amount of water is in Felix causing landslides and flooding in Trinidad & Tobago, disruptions in Aruba and one death in Grenada. That was before Felix stretched into one of eight category 5 hurricanes in the past 5 years.

The Yucatan Peninsula is bracing for a direct hit with hurricane hunters predicting a weakening to a category 4 before hitting land. Over the weekend the storm changed course, wobbling enough to upset its predicted path.

Belize, Nicaragua and Honduras expect to greet Hurricane Felix, currently packing 165 mph winds by Wednesday.

As Hurricane Felix approached in the Caribbean, Honduras issued a hurricane warning from Limon on the north coast to the border with Nicaragua, and a watch was placed from Limon westward to the Guatemalan border. The Bay Islands were placed on red alert, and the regions of Gracias a Dios, Colon, Atlantida, Olancho, Cortes and Yoro were put on yellow alert, according to the Honduras Permanent Commission of Contingencies Web Site.

Farther north, Jamaica and Grand Cayman were under a tropical-storm watch, while to the west, Guatemala and Belize issued hurricane watches for their Caribbean coastlines.

Felix is the second hurricane of the June-to-November Atlantic season. Dean last month killed at least a dozen people in the Caribbean, on a course that was north of Felix's predicted track. (photo courtesy NWS)

Central America braces as international oil markets prices creep up. Crude Oil inventory at the end of summer in America are low. Meteorologists are reviewing upper level wind patterns to narrow the Hurricane's predicted path. The eyewall is overfed by the heated waters and high pressure systems over the US affect the storm's direction and power. No one knows by exactly how much though.

Hurricane! is a 2007 release from Anne Rooney outlining facts and case histories for the weather phenomenon.

Bill Henry Paul makes the salient point about a variety of factors that affect energy prices and everyone on the planet consuming energy. Future Energy: How the New Oil Industry Will Change People, Politics and Portfolios is a 2007 release.

The National Hurricane Center has up to the minute reports on Hurricane Felix.

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