Friday, September 28, 2007

Britain to Light Up Differently

Light Bulb Makeover: ugly BEFORE & Beautiful AFTER
Brits are learning how to light up their lives, homes and businesses with the latest curly cue energy saving light bulbs. A reduction in greenhouse gas emissions is one of the benefits of using the energy miser light bulbs. England already pays an astronomical price for a liter of petrol that would make the average American weep. The CFL light bulb is an excellent way to reduce utility costs as well. A light bulb illuminates a new path to help ameliorate the ravages of Global Warming without sacrificing any of the western world's coveted standard of living. There are ominous signs for manufacturers as more consumers look at their appliances and the world's ubiquitous television sets are squarely in the target scope for environmentalists to apply the emission saving technology to next. Stay tuned for the next announcement from Britain's Environmental secretary. Bush is in America touting his dubious devious global warming plans today that he was loathe to present at the UN - he wanted his own brightly lit stage. Condi is clapping

The full conversion away from the energy hog big round bulbs should finish by 2012. There is some debate as one announcement is for England to have the change complete by 2009. Depends on the supply and where the bulbs are imported from affecting a local economy, cough cough, America. Brits will have to make the change at some point because the bulbs everybody grew up with will be harder to find than a recalled Made in China Mattel toy. It seems Brits are not in a raging rush to save the planet by retiring the old lights, the Chinese, Indians and Americans can hypocritically applaud the action. There is no room for criticism from the biggest polluters.
The old light bulbs are being rapidly replaced by low-energy bulbs, which cost more to buy but last up to 12 times as long and use nearly 80% less electricity.

But the government's voluntary initiative was criticised by environmental groups and other political parties, who argued that it was weak compared with initiatives in other countries. Australia has banned conventional bulbs beyond 2009.

Greenpeace director John Sauven said: "The government needs to go further and introduce tough mandatory efficiency standards rather than relying on weak voluntary initiatives. For every year of delay in getting rid of these bulbs, 5m tonnes of CO2 are emitted into the atmosphere unnecessarily."

Bill Clinton is discussing Global Warming at his annual gathering of the business aristocracy, the royalty of non governmental organizations (NGO's) and individual activists named Clinton Global Initiative. The initial cost to just get into the elite CGI meeting is a cool $15,000 USD - that's the easy part. Participants must pony up time and resources in a specified time frame or never darken the door of this esteemed group again. Commitment-phobes need not apply. Global Warming affects the entire Earth and developing nations suffer in a more disproportionate way which is why all world initiatives to decrease climate change are being discussed and debated in New York this week at CGI.

Giving: How Each of Us Can Change The World is Bill Clinton's latest book released two weeks ago. America's president that retains the world attention, accolades and commands respect for his humanitarian efforts and embodying the spirit of diplomacy and partnership.

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