Sunday, September 16, 2007

Emmy Fashion & The Mighty Swag Bling

As Emmy fluffs the ruffles and spas calm the neurotically nervous, the preparation and the swag grabbing for tonight's Award show have been going on for days on end. Swag freebies are star magnets given to celebs for participating in Emmy Week. Da Swag can be serious eco-friendly Green stuff or just plain outrageously over the top items spread around LA hot spots for the star to just ramble through goodies. This does not include the BIG swag that comes from being a presenter or from the parties thrown by Entertainment Tonight or HBO. No one has died from a Bling OD.

Hotels have suites dedicated for stars to come in and speed bling shop (except the IRS watches all). Popular with stars this year, are delectable spa treatments with manis & pedis for him and her, facials, and muscle massages with the most exotic naming conventions. Hotels such as the Regent Beverly Wilshire, the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel and the Luxe Hotel are Grand Central Bling & Swag Station with their officious suites with gold plated names like; the Clark Gable Carol Lombard Suite, tricked out with fad wares, wizbang gadgets and cosmetic goop for viewing.

For showing up to the actual Academy of Television Arts & Sciences gig is giving a Dooney & Burke leather satchel filled to overflowing with an Elini Swiss watch, a one-year membership card to The Sports Club/LA, 2 first class premium flights from the Left Coast to the East Coast, premier Spa services and a trendy bagload of other stuff a coffee shop Joe or jazzercize Jane will never use.

And it is not all LA vendors hawking their stuff. The presenter bag has a few items: HRE chrome rims,Vectrix motorcycle, Zocacrysobel, white sapphires, $1400 bag, knitting needles & yarn, homegrown bottled water from Indiana , doggie treats from Kansas's Three Dog Bakery, day spa treatments, shoes with serious bling, Atomic Madhouse T's - who is carrying all that while wearing Armani?

What Did they wear? Predictions are bold necklaces and bright colors Updated later...

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