Sunday, October 5, 2008

McGrumpy versus Cool Hand Obama

The debate was lost by John McCain as soon as he suspended his campaign to return to the swamp that is Washington DC to bring about a deal from a bunch of republican lawmakers that hate his guts but needed him to appear to be leading something.  Instead, the real debate was hosted by the current Chief Oblivious Economic Commander residing in the White House in the cabinet room.  Little china cups of coffee were set about the table and a seating chart was made as if it were a state dinner. 

McGrumpy cannot afford to be seen in a picture frame with Commander Economic Disaster president while still ensuring Cool Hand Obama is well outside the frame.  Then the lights went out on the press
digital mcnews cameras and the hot air rushed out of McGrumpy.  Cool Hand Obama then ran the meeting resulting in Senahtuh Vivian Leigh Shelby making a dramatic Gone with the Wind exit to rush to the cameras and set forth There is Always Tomorrow.  The cable TV press which is limited by their brain functions of only handling one thing at a time became apoplectic over not knowing was the debate in Mississippi really going to happen.  The Yankee senator had already announced his intension Rhett style that he knew where he had to be on Friday night. McGrumpy was welcome to show up after his horrible loss of face and discuss the issue of the day.  After all it was only good manners to show up when you told Ole Miss you were going to show up and make your case.  Honoring one's word used to be important to some republicans.

Meanwhile, McGrumpy's second should he fall on his sword was Sarah Scarlett Lipstick who promptly got orally trounced by a third place steel magnolia news anchor who had once been told never be seen on CNN's airwaves again.  Then came the debate with Joe Biden that included winking and shoutouts as the new catcalls for commander in chief.  This presidential campaign season has been the theater of the absurd and the curtain rises on a new debate on Tuesday night.

This is shaping up to be epic.  Vote early.

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