Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Coming up Obama Roses

Can roses last for three weeks?

Right now, electoral politics favor Obama and his campaign focused on the middle class rather than John McCain's campaign which focuses on the scorched destruction of Middle Earth. Republicans are leapfrogging over the partisan divide to support Barack Obama. Republican Nebraskan senator Chuck Hagel and great friend of McAngry will see his wife on TV tonight sitting next to Michelle Obama as she loudly proclaims her support for the Democratic ticket. Bill Buckley's kid, Christopher, was thrown under the moving republican caboose as he openly supported Obama. Founded by his father , the conservative National Review magazine's editorial board had a bad magical meltdown as they sent tazered orcs to derail his support. Then there is Colin Powell, friend of McCain that called irascible Alaskan Bridge to Nowhere Ted Stevens' character sterling, but has not endorsed the elderly republican nominee who is the same age as him. Crazy neocon Iraq policy supporter, Christopher Hitchens came out in support of Barack Obama.

Now, Obama never planned on this being a 50+1 election in the Clintonian political tradition. The secret is the press does not have budgets that allow then to travel to see what is really happening on the ground in all 50 states. The mostly deskbound journalists search the wilds of the internet for hyperbole, but missed the biggest political story of the year. 24/7 Obama organizing. It happened in Iowa too, in which DC journalists just could not believe it. The community organizer actually knows how to organize. Rolling Stone and a couple of others periodically point out Obama has put together an Army that rivals Dumbledore's. Neighbor to Neighbor is one of the Obama special galleons that alerts the OA to call or canvass folks right where one lives. The Great Schlep is an independent outstanding effort that the mainstream press just discovered that is happening with Jewish organizers.

Contrast all that with the McCain/Palin racial pride hate speech that characterizes their efforts as they gin up all the irrational rationales Obama is a presidential risk. Oops, they forgot its not about the candidates as much as it is about the audience and their biggest concerns, J-O-B-S and keeping the roof over one's head. McCain railing about a republican funded charity that made William Ayers a board member interests a small sliver of the electorate. That ain't nowhere near enough low information voting folks to get McGrumpy elected. Can anybody do math at camp McCain? Obama knew how much money he needed to be competitive and fund a serious effort. John McCain had from February to July to build a republican warchest to not need public funding either. Instead, he rested on his laurels as Obama & Clinton slugged it out and gave away a strategic advantage. That kind of thinking is what keeps the US in Iraq and politically moribund in enlisting the rest of the world's assistance in other causes. Commander in Chief Barack Obama is funding his boots on the ground and ensuring the supply lines and TV ads are fully functioning while the supposed military expert is pinned down in his own supposedly safe territories where Obama soldiers are making inroads. For goodness sakes, Obama is even product placement inside Xbox now as John McCain acknowledges he's learning the art of Googling. The Queen of England who is even older that John Sydney McCain III has had her own YouTube channel longer and rocks out on an iPod.

Early voting - the strategic advantage goes to O. McCain is offering to pay people in Florida to do what Team O's supporters are doing for free and love of candidate. The enthusiasm gap is real. When the republican governor of Florida would rather wear iridescent mouse ears in Orlando than be photographed with McCain at a campaign rally, John has landed with an earth shattering thud in the Bush leagues. Obama's ground operation is everywhere in battleground states while McCain still isn't open on Saturdays at some of his limited hours offices. Voter registration increased by millions this election cycle that did not happen by accident or fraud. The subject of the group ACORN is alleged voter registration fraud, but they are not directly affiliated with the Obama registration effort no matter how hard McCain tries or claps his hands in Tinkerbell fairy voter belief. What the geniuses forget to mention is the law requires ACORN to turn in every single card even though ACORN knows they may be fraudulent. In many cases, ACORN hired idiots that did idiotic things shich ACORN acknowledges by pointing to the newly fired idiot's work when they turn in the form. In any case, ACORN did not do the registering that Obama supporters did in vast numbers in every single state. Listen up Republicans in the leaky McCain paper boat, Obama planned to turn out numbers from the very beginning that would demonstrate a new map. 1,000,000 new registrations is a drop in the bucket to what Obama did legally and reputably. (Props to C who caught my unfinished thought.)

Family moments have made this campaign truly uplifting on the Obama side of the ledger. The indomitable Sasha and the elegant Malia make their hardworking Mom and intellectual Dad truly appeal to the masses.

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