Thursday, September 18, 2008

Emmy Chandelier 10,000,000 US Dollars

What financial meltdown says Emmy? Emmy, 60 years old on Sunday, still believes you can't be too rich or too thin. With the addition of a lighting bauble, Emmy is reliving the glory days of when the US economy was strong - Monday, according to Paris Hilton's wrinkly old white dude who is scamming for president. In a bit of anti-programming with poor people losing homes left and right while Hollywood puts the G in GlitzGlam at the Nokia Theatre on Sunday. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has Emmy's new 2008 set look for the mixed bag of presenters from decades gone-by dynastic Hollywood and the new-new terminally hip Hollywood. The swag bags are sporting leather, organic body washes and regular righteous bling.

Architectural Digest hired interior cool dude Mark Boone to design the 'green room' for this Sunday's Awards show. Backstage the green room is not really green. This one is blinging posh¹ยบ for all the celebs doing PR. It's a jubilee without cherries, too messy, but heavy on the ten million dollars worth of sparklies which riffraff shall not be allowed to touch without an engraved Emmy invitation into the 625 square foot vault, cough, room.
'You can't even imagine when it's illuminated how spectacular it is,'' says Katherine Rosenberg Pineau, jewelry designer for the Boston
diamond jewelry company Hearts on Fire
, which made the three-tiered chandelier for the Architectural Digest Green Room (and hopes to sell it for $10 million once the show is over).

''We will be offering white-gloves service -- people will be able to put on white gloves and touch it and feel the movement'' of the thousands of round diamonds, she says. (Yes, there will be 24-hour security.)
Hollywood is having quite the week this week. Tuesday, the B man rolled into town and snagged $10,000,000 for Democrats as the B lady birdsonged Happy Days Are Here Again. This weekend Barbra, no stranger to diamonds, can attend a British themed Tea Party held by a bunch of acronyms - BAFTA/LA TV is the host at the InterContinental Hotel. A Bostonian version would involve more active participation - ha! The very obligatory Governor's Ball is held right after the golden lady holding the atom aloft in her hands is given out to all the people with marble mantels or dreams of one. Entertainment Tonight & people magazine are doing a joint gig with high priced performers and lots of china plates filled with tapas. The Pacific Design Center - known around H-town as the Blue Whale, is where HBO is doing a thing. It's all appropriate for a 4 C blinging chandelier though. Carat, Color, Clarity and just Cool.

Some of the most popular posts here have been on fashion! Last year's Emmy review with pictures galore has people still pulling up that post in big numbers. No bling for me - no posts for you because my need for cash makes me do this thing called work - just not in Hollywood style diamond encrusted rooms. As I bring you great fashion snark, the poor house compels me to ask/say/beg/plead for you to drop dollar or two in my PayPal tip jar in the left column or better yet buy a book, DVD or something truly green from Amazon. I will Love bringing the 2008 Emmy's fashion flare and flameouts again! I have to take time away from work to do it, so any & every dollar helps! :-)

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