Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fashion at Emmy Awards 2008 Bling Bonanza

Tonight it is 60 years of magical mayhem as The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences celebrates its 60th year in the golden lightness of being on the small screen. Illuminating stars way past prime time and presenting today's unreal divas and dudes during Emmy's Diamond Jubilee after a financial turkey was laid on taxpayers, just hails an awkward moment to auction off the diamond chandelier for ten million dollars. Let's see who was five carat diamond dressed and who is the cubic zirconia sporting a red-tagged pile of rags. Let the diamond chips fall my way...

Mind Sorbet's Grand Pink Diamond Fashion Carat Award goes to Olivia Wilde:

Olivia Wilde is bring styling perfection to the House of Emmy.
Eva Longoria Parker never misses, ever, especially in Marchesa. Kyra Sedgwick is always Closer in the style 2008 Va Voom edition.
The wonderfully funny Christina Applegate struts her stuff after a serious health crisis.
Teri Hatcher is flouncy and flirty in marigolden glory with no VPLs. (Visible Panty Lines)

Terri Hatcher , Saffron Burrows in Herv Le Bruth Mariska Hargitay

Sandra Uh Oh - takes another frou-frou risk while The Office three piece suited mortician Rainn Wilson. Hey he's a funny guy not a clotheshorse. Oh dear heavens, all the yellow and black, its going to look like a herd of bumblebees.

Brooke Shields is fuchsia fusion. Kate Walsh practiced private. This Desperate Housewife, Marcia Cross is rocking it from the accessories to the hair. Lady O is glammed up with drop chandelier earrings, those may cost as much as the AD green room. She looks der lovely.

On Project Runway - Heidi kisses both cheeks and wishes the departing designer avita zay. Tim Gunn did not make this work... Not even Heidi could rescue it....

Jeremy Piven does debonair.
Ugly Betty's America Ferrera with a heavily flowered grunge goes glam co-star Vanessa Williams -not feelin' it...

Julie Benz Purply Ho Hum

Lisa Rinna flys in a day-glo virginal bright white gown. Randolph Dude did a tiered thingy for Carrie Ann Inaba, the toned Judge from Dancing With the Stars - baaaaad choice.
Grecian gone terribly wrong by Jennifer Morrison.

Oscar winners crashing the TV party - Holly hunter in lilac and violets and Sally Field flyin in Black. Laura Dern, nuf said - ack, but Rita Wilson seems to have fallen off the pedestal - hard.

The Starter Wife got dressed with Morticia as her stylist - Debra c'mon you can so do the
chiffon & tulle thing better than that. Lisa Edelstein left her poodle at her House but brought the skirt as Weeds entered its entrant the faboulously talented Mary Louise Parker who went a teal ruche too far. Woof, yikes. Hayden Pantierre redeemed herself after the most unfortunate peachy Emmy quasi hooped bohemian gown.

Unfortunately, a serious competition broke out on the red carpet for the
Pink Poodle Wearing Poo Award!
A D List duvet cover on Kathy Griffin who tried, bless her heart, she actually tried, she even went for the ochre tie wrap of her hips... Ironically, the dress was designed by Rebellion Dog. She wins paws down for worst...

Photos courtesy Reuters

Project Runway's Nina Garcia works with illustrator Ruben Toledo to make style accessible to regular folks like you and me. No Nonsense Nina does it up right in The One Hundred: A Guide to the Pieces Every Stylish Woman Must Own.

Designers to be included in updates

Diamonds and glitterati in platform pumps are everywhere along with some grecian dresses that give togas a bad name... Paging Nina G...

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