Saturday, July 5, 2008

Cool Obama Family Campaigns & Celebrates

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Barack with Michelle & daughters and sister Maya and her family

Pink cowboy hats for Malia & Sasha courtesy of Montana's Senator Baucus before the parade were carefully placed by the girls in front as they clapped for the animals and the floats in the 4th of July parade. Sitting next to Sasha, her aunt uncle and pint sized cousin waved and cheered. The Butte, Montana crowd got into it by singing Happy Birthday to the newly minted ten year old Malia.

A picnic with a dad who virtually inhaled his hot dog in almost one bite, then spoke to the crowd at the barbecue seeking votes followed the parade. But the best fun was reserved with Malia & the rest of the Family Obama dancing the birthday night away in their hotel rooms. Each of the Obamas would then be able to say with straight faces they stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night...oh, that could be golden for the kids. They really want that hypoallergenic dog the most.
Malia Obama told her parents that spending her 10th birthday helping
her father campaign
for the presidency far from home and "rocking out"
with her family after takeout in a modest hotel room was the best she
has ever had.

"I don't know whether she was just telling us what we wanted to hear. But from my perspective it was one of the best times I've had in a long time," Barack Obama, his voice choking up just a tad, told reporters traveling with him here Saturday from Montana, site of the birthday festivities over two days.

Parallels followed with the son of four time Academy award winner Charles Guggenheim filming Barack and family at abundant Montana picturesque settings for the short film biography to be presented at the Democratic Convention in Denver in August. Charles made a biopic for Senator John Fitzgerald Kennedy. His An Inconvenient Truth Oscar winning son Don is doing the same for Barack Obama and family as the visit the World Mining Museum and other places of note in small communities. Don Guggenheim brought along his own young son for this part of the filming. Barack opening wide anticipating the traditional 4th of July hot dog made Michelle watch in a kind of wifely horrified please don't make me start laughing now way. All and all it was a fantastic public family day for the entire Obama clan even as his sister Maya was regretting the all black gear on such a sunny clear day.

"Are we going to seize this moment?" Obama asked about 1,500 Montanans gathered under a strong summer sun in this scrappy mining town. "Are we going to declare our independence from special interests, the oil companies and the gas companies that are preventing us from creating the kind of energy policy that will save our environment, and free ourselves from dependence on foreign oil by investing on solar and wind and biodiesel? That's the kind of independence we need to declare today."
What a great weekend for the Family Obama. Even with all the work of patiently waiting for Access Hollywood, Essence, Parenting and People to get their interviews in and pictures taken. Obama is looking forward to taking in the latest Pixar sensation, Wall-E which is garnering rave reviews and right wing republican ire. The Obamas are a Harry Potter family too.

Now with all that said, Ebony shows the other side with an August Cover photo that just takes it all to a new level. Who, four years ago would have had this in mind for the 2008 presidential election - not a living soul.

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