Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The World's Eyes Are On Chicago

Grant Park is the evening scene of the coronation to some and the culmination of many others as Barack Hussein Obama, Junior celebrates the end of a hard fought presidential race. Grant Park will be filled with hopes of millions, nay billions, while sadness fills his heart at the heartbreaking loss of an Obama loved one. Toot, Madelyn Dunham, mother of Stanley Ann Dunham, now watches with perfect peace as her first grandchild emblazons a new trail in American History. Senator Obama honored her at the Democratic National Convention as the last surviving person who reared him with a stern no nonsense style tempered with abundant love and sacrifice. Barack will walk into history knowing she gave up the basic necessities to make who he is today possible.

The media of the USA and the world over are already crowding for the best seats from which to tape every second of one of the most watched elections in the life of the planet. Punditry will quickly hit gutter level. Already with MSNBC's Joe Scarborough on Morning Joe accusing people of being on crack thinking there may be a reverse Bradley effect. But Mornin' Joe is bitter dregs as he watches Bush's failed compassionate conservatism ruin what remained of Reagan's legacy. Grant Park will be the place where Democratic dreams rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of the 1968 police brawls set upon protestors by the current Mayor of Chicago's father.
Obama, who lives in Chicago, has planned a huge public party in Grant Park which is in the downtown area. The campaign issued more than 70,000 tickets for the event but they were sold out in a matter of hours. Nonetheless huge numbers are expected to come into the city anyway, prompting a major security clampdown, concern about public safety and some businesses to send employees home early.

"It's going to be surprising," Chicago mayor, Richard Daley told the Chicago Tribune. "There are going to be a lot of people who want to come down to celebrate, we hope it's a million or more, that's realistic. It's going to be wonderful. Only the private event is ticket. You can be in the park and around it ... You think I'm nuts? You think I'm not going to invite people down? The mayor's not going to tell anybody not to come to this celebration, It's a historic event. If they want to be there, they should."

All over the world's anticipation see signs of support for Barack Obama find expressions in car art and sweet been cakes. Satellite hookups from the worlds media made for a supersized mini Denver Airport sculptural mini-me just for the press in Grant Park. From Hong Kong to Kenya where a mega feast is planned the people watch and wait as Americans votes in record numbers. Barcelona, Spain saw a gorgeous sand painting on the beach by Cuban American artist Jorge Rodrigues-Gerada. In western japan in the city of Obama, the baker is busy tripling his sweet been cakes as he promised free eats to the town upon an announcement of a Barack Obama victory. In Kisumu, Kenya, the face of Barack looks back from the center of American money as it is plastered on the sides of vans and old cars. In Cuba, a Florida cattleman made clear who he was voting for to a Cuban military officer.

Kenya Hong Kong

Indiana, is a state to watch though the polls close at two different times due to the time zones. At Midnight republican Dixville Notch & Hart's Landing of New Hampshire traditionally open the polls at midnight for two dozen or so of its residents. Their results are considered indicative of the following days voting - McCain 6, Obama 15. It is all over by 12:30 am for them. GOTV or Get Out The Vote is important it does not seem the sense of urgency was apparent at a McCain office in New Mexico last night.

In about two minutes I am headed off to the polls to cast the same vote for president I did in the primaries, Barack Obama.

History unfolds...

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