Thursday, August 7, 2008

Michelle Obama: First Lady In Training, Mom In Chief

Michelle Obama is everywhere in public, yet it is an illusion. Her schedule packs in photo shoots, campaign events and rounds of interviews on given days that appear in public as part of a carefully crafted plan. Many of the covers and photos publicly seen now were shot in early July. Michelle's mom is her support system. The majority of her time is spent being what she will always be win, lose or draw after the November election, Mom in Chief. Michelle coined that phrase herself after expressly appreciating Jackie Kennedy's outstanding parenting skills. First Lady duties would take an armored stretch limo rumbler seat behind being a driver's seat Mom.

Michelle was hard pressed to wear makeup all the time when first upon the campaign trail. She didn't have time and was famously photographed at the Iowa State Fair in a headband while campaign rivals and media sycophants tried stupidly to twist her words about family and having her home life orderly as a knock against one of America's most drama filled political families, The Clintons. In the Obama household, there is a no whining rule both Sasha, 7, & Malia (10) verified on the famous Access Hollywood family interview. Michelle could share that wise bon mot with the former self-absorbed president who thinks its his God given right to whine incessantly when in front of the cameras about how misunderstood he felt. The national political press prats came unglued when they could not figure out a decades old dap or fist bump between Michelle & Barack the night he became the presumptive Democratic nominee in Minnesota. (Copyright 2008 Essence Magazine / Essence Magazine)

Whining wingnuts and conservative so-called Christians with hate on their lips seized upon Michelle's words to try and scare voters, especially white low income ones that she is not patriotic or other false flags. Michelle Obama's family values are clearly on display with a faithful husband and adorable children with mega schedules of their own. She puts them first. Michelle exudes class, landing on Vanity Fair's World's Best Dressed list, after putting a spark in retailers after co-hosting The View in June. Cindy McCain was considered serviceable enough wearing designer clothes, but not evincing the all important iconic look like Michelle in dominating fashion roundups. Some are convinced the arch of Michelle's eyebrows give her a more stern appearance while others marvel at how well she keeps hearth and home together in the midst of chaos. The lady lawyer is much more than a clotheshorse.

Next week, Family Obama will be going to Hawaii for the first time since he sought the presidency. Michelle will be all over the newsstands on covers that will be side by side. The accompanying interviews sound her out about what she would do or propose as First Lady. She knows the general vicinity of helping moms on work life balance issues and kids on being the best they can, but states with bone crushing certainty what is not acceptable.
Michelle Obama: “There are a ton of issues that I care deeply about. But the notion of sitting around the table with a set of policy advisers—no offense—makes me yawn [laughter].

"I like creating stuff. I’d love to be working with young people. I’d love to be having more conversations with military spouses. I’ve learned not to let other people push you into something that fundamentally isn’t you.”
She minces no words about resenting some of the time Barack was not at home, but also speaks to her ways of dealing with it and finding new solutions. However, Mrs. Obama as partner is quick to defend Barack against lies and distortions. Michelle is big on Courage and not giving in to fear and she has her own roots in community organizing and GOTV - Get Out The Vote.
“My father took great pride in helping people have a choice in their lives,’’ she said during a conference call with members of the black press on Wednesday. “I am grateful to him for teaching me about the importance of voting. I remember sitting in people’s kitchens for hours. Sometimes I was bored, but I realized that this was important.”

Michelle Obama hosted Wednesday’s conference call with the Rev. Joseph Lowery, an Obama supporter and civil rights leader, as they kicked off the campaign’s nationwide voter registration efforts in African-American communities.

Nobody knows what publicity hound former supermodel Tyra Banks had flitting about in her head when she arose from her Holiday Express Inn digs and decided to be photographed as a fake First Lady Michelle Obama with a fake President Barack Obama at a fake White House for Harper's Bazaar. When celebrities are trying to imitate real people somewhere the space time continuum suffered a collapse. Michelle has here eyes squarely on the Prize, being the world's greatest Mom, best friends and partner to her husband, Barack Obama. Somewhere in there with the important stuff, Michelle Obama has to squeeze in an inaugural gown as the First Black First Lady and getting a hypoallergenic dog for the kids to romp with on the White House lawn.

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