Friday, March 14, 2008

Aspirin Miracles

Aspirin has magical powers and is rapidly approaching parity with the apple in An Aspirin a Day will Keep the Doctor Away. Or something from olden times when a polished apple was a gift to the teacher. Imagine an earnest kid putting an aspirin on the teacher's desk in today's world, especially since the original aspirin was powder. A daily aspirin contains keys to warding off heart attacks, blood clot formation, decreases stokes in healthy women, soothes headaches and other maladies. Now, the mighty aspirin is dominating studies showing potential to ward off the development of asthma in older women. A study showing similar results from aspirin for older men came from the same researchers.

"These two studies are not sufficiently strong to make a recommendation for primary prevention of adult-onset asthma," said Dr. Tobias Kurth, who was involved in both studies.

For the many older adults already taking[sic] aspirin for its salutary effects on heart health, "this could be an added benefit," he added.

The incidence of asthma is on the increase, possibly due to obesity, dietary factors, exposure to antigens and environmental factors. But the trend also coincides with a decreased use of aspirin as people have switched to other over-the-counter pain relievers, or have avoided aspirin use in children due to concerns about Reyes syndrome.

Aspirin has a controversial history that rages today at symposiums on the who really discovered its compound as well as a range of off putting or even fatal side effects in some people of all ages. Yet, aspirin retains its power to ward off the evils of inflammation, reduce fevers and moderates bothersome aches and pains.

It is being hotly debated as a cancer inhibitor in modern medicine and the peer reviews are tough, but so is the tablet, caplet, capsule made of aspirin. The general compound is a lifesaver too and aspirin also has rewarding uses for some of the same maladies in cats and dogs.

Way back in the day, when Cleopatra roamed the Earth, medical personnel for Pharaohs and other antiquated Poobahs, used a form of salicylic acid. Fast forward a couple thousand years to 1853, and a French chemist made acetylsalicylic acid which became the more pronounceable, yet trademarked and copyrighted name in 1899 for some small German outfit.

Bayer swallowed the cash, especially when aspirin turned into pills in 1914. Aspirin's trademark was stripped from Bayer as the spoils of war due to Germany being on the totally wrong and losing side of two World Wars.

Today's study shows the roots of a natural substance being refined in modern times to make health maintenance as easy as taking a daily aspirin. what an analgesic that continues to stir the passions of the medical community and scientists as well as big pharma hoovering up all the profits it can. Studies continue to show the healthful effects of aspirin in both men and women inspire further study because we need more Miracles.

For the behind the scenes history, science and medical mysteries and myths of aspirin read the astounding nonfiction thriller, Aspirin: The story of Being A Wonder Drug by Diarmuid Jeffreys.

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