Sunday, June 15, 2008

Vitamin D: Healthy Living On Sunshine

It's the free super drug that Big Pharma can't steal - sunshine. Solar rays provide healthy helpings of Vitamin D, which another study shows potential reductions in the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes. In less than a week two studies showed similar results. Men who are Vitamin D deficient double their risks of a heart attack. Judiciously use of Vitamin D helps bones in the very young by stopping rickets or in the older - especially women by protecting against osteoporosis. Vitamin D touches so many internal body functions with the gift of good health, it is jaw dropping how many millions of people are deficient of something that many can get just by getting off the couch when its light out.
The findings join a growing body of evidence indicating that an adequate level of the vitamin, which many people can get from 20 minutes in the sun, is crucial to maintaining good health.

Not every scientist agrees that vitamin D is so crucial to well-being, and there is controversy about what should be considered an adequate level of the compound in the blood. But sentiment is gradually shifting toward a higher intake.

"We don't have a cause and effect relationship here yet" proving that higher doses of vitamin D prevent such diseases, said biochemist Hector DeLuca of the University of Wisconsin, who was the first to demonstrate how the vitamin interacts with the endocrine system, which manages the body's hormonal balance.

Vitamin D absorbs calcium and makes strong bones are among its most well known benefits. Deficiencies in Vitamin D are common with those with a rheumatic disease, like arthritis. Sunshine is one of the most cost effective means to acquire Vitamin D. Risks exists to skin with too much sun exposure without benefit of sunscreen. Health benefits accrue from a full compliment of Vitamin D in international studies. A rise in Heart Attacks in men without enough Vitamin D is the assertions new studies are making with great success. Fortified Milk, fish is a great source of Vitamin D on those cloudy days or when its deep in the winter doldrums too.
Key is knowing when to get out of the sun so as to maximize its benefits without the other risks from prolonged sunlight without appropriate protection. That's pretty important as some people spend too much time getting faux tans in tanning beds rather than spraying it on in an assortment of orangey colors. Best of all world is getting a little sun regularly for a really healthy glow.

Sunlight striking the skin converts to Vitamin D then starts to lift spirits, wards off cancer, lupus and bone ailments. Add a small amount of exercise in the sunlight for a short duration on a consistent schedule and a healthy lifestyle could just start blooming. Getting a vital nutrient in a homeopathic way just by catching a few rays, rather than popping all the pills drug companies want to inflict on people has financial rewards too.

Examining the multitude of ways Vitamin D can improve ones health is in the book, The Vitamin D Cure from James Dowd and Diane Stafford. Focusing on the seasonal effects and his own story is Dr. Michael Merrill in his book aptly named Vitamin D: Antidote to Winter and the Darkness.

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