Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Super Delegate March to Inevitability

The Democratic 2008 race for president started in December 31, 2006 with a neo-populist mega millionaire son-of-a-millworker lawyer digging up a black lady's Katrina damaged yard in his attempt to put poverty forefront in the political soup line. A stunning 2004 speech shifted the presidential race and flashbulbs to a buzzworthy bi-racial lawyer in his first term as Senator from the Land of Lincoln who made a few million from two books written while capturing third place in the polls in the Ethanol State upon announcing. Last to enter and first to jet to the top of the poll charts was a world famous white lady with mega millions - hers and everyone else's, an iron grip on the lead and a man that had the affection of hardworking and elite Democrats.

Media pundits, pollsters and professionals adopted the press releases and trite observances of the staff of Hillary Rodham Clinton as their beacons of light to foist upon American voters as the only possible adult reality-based outcome of the Democratic presidential nomination. Her majesty did not need to develop a ground game - she was soaring on the wind beneath her wax wings of Bill Clinton and the tried and true Clinton style of pricey television ad wars. In a nod to the times, she decided to embrace YouTube for a Sopranos video and her announcement of a listening to the people gig. Hillary had her attack pigeons perched in the swivel chairs at all the networks, she rocket launched Bill Clinton to become the talking wall paper of her campaign and learned the art of the Miss America wave, elbow, elbow, wrist-wrist-wrist in the shape of a figure eight and the point - point - clap, clap for large groups.

Opinion columns written from the templates of the past with blindness towards the future echoed the selfishly unaware mantra of her woefully wrong chief strategist Penn, SHE WAS INEVITABLE and even the tiniest of numbers proved it, look at the national polls or in the signs of the remains of your Cheerios. A lock with no key. Celestial skies opened and hosannas rained down from pundits and politicians racing to get on the lesser beings gravy train and snag a window seat to watch her perform aerial maneuvers in the presidential Heavens.

Black folks were saying not gonna happen for him, but isn't he cute trying so hard - but we have all seen the science fiction movies where the lone black person perennially faces obliteration by some sort of alien monster. The Clinton campaign spurred the White media elites and they watched with the glee of reporting on their first fatal car wreck as black folks debated amongst themselves the degree to which Barack Obama was actually b-l-a-c-k as opposed to a Morrison-anointed Black president Bill Clinton along with fearing and decrying the level of security needed to protect this American Rorschach test dummy. And then the Benjamin Franklin lightening strike happened. Barack became hickory HRC smoked and charred enough round the edges to be really Black and Hillary turned as white as a sheet.

From the ground to curbs in hog hamlets and Des Moines day spas, the candidate with grit and grime in his slightly larger than normal ears from wallowing on the ground while petting a pig at the Iowa State Fair to eating same day pork chops, smiled and dialed undecided people, asked for votes from farmers and fledgling students finally won a smashing, game changing, history making victory based on two words, Hope & Change in a state that was as white as an ungilded lily. Say What - Inevitability cried and tantrums were had on camera by a former president that lost his electoral mojo binky. A first class volunteer army and ground game built by Americans of every hue and wallet size was just kicking the pant suited ass of the superior B-52 strategic bomber candidate/pilot.

An out of touch Media caught woefully short on the telly and with its fact pants down around their wide stance ankles had to learn the ABC's of proportional delegate distribution and who these anachronistic Super Delegates were, now in a front loaded primary season - and who was the idiot that put this in place? Look no further than Hillary Clinton's supposedly superior finance wizard who had been chairman of the DNC. Super Delegates took provisions and ran for the undisclosed Bunker Hills to escape the carpet bombing and strafing-by-surrogate when the Inevitability Express Shuttle came around every 15 minutes demanding Super Delegates get on board or be left behind in every sense of the Revelations word.

In February, Obama ground troops moved across the United States feeding and strengthening his supply lines with food, fuel, phones and small amounts of folding money. The candidate of Inevitability treated much of America as an insignificant no-fly zone filled with hairy Idaho activists, frothing Mississippi latte sippers, stupid Hawaii 5-0 and unseemly Washington logrolling caucuses, isolated St. Louis eggheads with an extra Volvo, Wisconsin Facebookies and the average Georgian Birkenstock shopper. The math locked in on the ground. Nobody saw it except the truly political astute and Obama supporters. Furiously dog-paddling MIA Super Delegates belly flopped and jumped sans parachutes from the bomber bay splashing into Florida's Keys, deciding it was a better hiding place to secure freedom freedom from the Two Sirens' May Day, May Day radio calls for money.
Super Delegates wanted the WAR of the primary Worlds to be definitive in a quantum mechanics grand unified theory way. Make the remaining states walk the gauntlet under the booming guns of the mad bomber in the sky trying to reach the cool-as-a-cucumber arugula gardener on the ground was the plan while they bit their manicures and occupied the space time continuum bubble warp in federally protected DC. No candidate was going to be in DC anyway. POW Clinton Delegates made a break for enemy lines under sniper fire and announced the Underground Railroad still worked. More are chirping that they are undeclared, not uncommitted, and shall wait to see that the plane with a president and co-pilot husband is actually enshrined in the Clinton Presidential Library like Reagan's before they rush into the sunlight to announce that they were for the Inevitable candidate all along.

Here is where to learn about Barack Obama's life with books and his youthful quest started with books.

The 44th President of the United States of America, Barack Obama and the First Lady, Michelle Obama!

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