Friday, January 4, 2008

Barack Obama A Win & A Speech For The Ages

The young, the old, the unions, the independents, the moderates, the liberals, women and grumpy old men came together to give Barack Obama a blowout win in Iowa. He did it with the help of an stellar organization that shall undergo serious scrutiny for those that want to run in the future it is so impressive. Over 226,000 thousand Iowans turned out to have their say - we want this man to lead us back from the divisive wilderness of American politics, together.

A victory speech like no other was made by Barack Obama involving a soaring scope of oratory reserved for preaching about Heaven. It was a feast of a speech which while magnificent pointed to the best that America had to offer the world again, not the Darkness that consumed the country for the last 7 years.

That he is of mixed race, with a name that is unusual, has lived in Indonesia and suffered the torments of any young person is a story he told with an amazing elan over 13 years ago in writing. Now he communicates it in rising rhetoric that shall last the length of history and inspire those with the ability to hear as well.

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