Friday, October 5, 2007

Bugs & Drugs...Getting Buggy With It

In the busine$$ world, constant innovation is a must have value proposition to stay atop the market pile. It goes for the lucrative busine$$ of drug dealing as well. The laws of supply - not enough people volunteers and demand - an underserved market awash in untraceable cash is an addiction drug smugglers can't pass up. Drug dealers recruited, then surgically killed over 100 innocent bugs, squashing renders them unusable, to carry cocaine for market distribution. It's a new take on supply chains with an initial test market aimed at the Netherlands, specifically Amsterdam. Posthumously, the Peruvian host courier bugs got a better deal from the Dutch government and promptly switched to the custom agents' hands. Testimony against drug runners is going to be limited to some ghastly pictures of the dead bugs.

"It looked like they were cut open, the drugs hidden in their backs and then they were glued back together again," he said.

The insects held only about 10 ounces of cocaine, worth about $11,000, Nanninga said.

There is an outstanding emotional film, Maria Full of Grace available on DVD that shows the intimate reasons people become human mules both purposefully and accidentally for vile drug traffickers.

The Academy Award winning film, Traffic, shows the vestiges of drug running from multiple perspectives in a common scenario.

Denzel Washington won an Oscar for his portrayal of a drug running officer of the Law in Training Day.

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